Zaena Morisho (@zaenaM) – What Do U Want

Female recording artist Zaena Morisha has finally released her new EP, which is currently available worldwide on Amazon and iTunes. ZAENA NOW includes five songs: ‘Into You’, ‘Be Ur Girl’, ‘What Do U Want’, ‘BS’, and ‘Diva.’The mini album carries a pop/edm sound, focuses on the themes of relationships and female empowerment, and two music videos are forthcoming for ‘What Do U Want’ and ‘BS’, This is her second EP to be released since ‘You Don’t Know’ in 2014.

‘What Do U Want’ addresses the confusion that can arise from a relationship where it is
difficult to pin down exactly what your partner wants, and the conflicted feelings that build up from that kind of situation. The song asks ‘what do you really want from me’, and expresses frustration as the relationships keeps fluctuating between highs and lows, unsure of what things will be like between one moment and the next.

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