Daily archives: December 8th, 2023

Yung Brazi (@yungbrazi_) – Impeccable

Presenting to you today is ONE of my most prized works of art, “IMPECCABLE” by Yung Brazi Feat. DidItAgain! This track overall is symbolic due to harmonic lyricism promoting growth and elevation from beginning to end. This music video’s theme was simply portraying the power of unity inspired by the Last Supper itself. However, there is a slight plot twist; this is our last meal together before the IMPECCABLE happens. Click the link below

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Shemaiah A. Reed (@shemaiahonthebt) – “Rescue Me”

In ‘Rescue Me,’ the song unfolds as a heartfelt journey of faith and redemption. Lost in the complexities of life, the protagonist battles the overwhelming pressure and silent struggles, seeking a way back home. With 16 bars in each verse, the lyrics beautifully convey the yearning for rescue and the transformative power of God’s grace.