Almost Owen (@almostowenmusic) – “We Out Here”

Pop singer, writer, and producer ALMOST OWEN announces the release of WE OUT HERE. Meant to be blasted at beaches and backyard barbecues, this rowdy summer banger is available worldwide on July 23.

ALMOST OWEN describes WE OUT HERE as “a song about being king (or queen) of your castle… even if that ‘castle’ is just your parents basement.” It’s a millennial anthem, a balls out braggadocious tribute to debauchery and straight-up ridiculousness.
It’s the song playing full blast the first time you steal your dad’s convertible, the one that makes you feel like a millionaire even if you’ve only got $12 in your pocket.

WE OUT HERE is the follow up to ALMOST OWEN’s previous singles, ONE LUCKY MAN and ONE IN A MILLION, which have garnered roughly 250,000 streams since their release earlier this summer. Mixed by legendary engineer Dave Pensado (Michael Jackson, Beyonce), WE OUT HERE is the summer song you’ll be listening to long after the summer is over.