Belle VEX (@BelleVEX) – Rated R now on Vevo


Born in New Bedford, MA, Barry C. Fernandes began his music career at a very early age playing cello which lasted halfway through high school. His collegiate studies at the New England Institute of Art (Brookline, MA), earned him his BS in Audio Production, but he fell 17 credits short for his BS in film. After a brief stent in California, Fernandes suffered major injuries in two car accidents. It was only after difficult life choices that our artist decided to take up the mantle of music for good. Having built a strong local following, Belle VEX continues on his mission to take the world by storm.

Armed with a lack of romanticism, Belle VEX dramatically brings his own style of “cool” to alternative pop. The signature mark of irony and honesty slams together suspenseful dance tracks with epic choruses and double meanings. He’s one hell of a lady killer with an edgy, rebellious sound and a ‘take charge’ persona.

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