From the studio to the streets JAK-DUCE delivers what you want. He grew up in the area known as Foster Place, when you step out on the porch you were in the game…a person which knows exactly about what he speaks of in his music. Because of his Authentic Lyrics and Street Pounding Beats, he became well known very fast. The streets craved for more… and JAK-DUCE started a movement. JAK-DUCE’s recent releases feature a number of mixtapes including Hell Bent, The Boiling Points , Stars Above Da Heart, Enemy Of Da States, New Moon and his latest Mixtape Heavy Artillery. Now JAK-DUCE is preparing to release a new project. He’s calling it “The Tip of Da Spear” produced by NEOSOOWAVY, JAY-HOT, SICKSTRUMENTALS and JAK-DUCE for KINGZ LAND Productions, JAK-DUCE’s music is not only stories of his life, his music is food for thought. His lyrics are powerful enough to be understood by a variety of people. His Sound spreads from streets of the USA to the corners of Foreign Countries. JAK-DUCE can make a story appear in front of you by listning to his music, whether he is whispering to you or shouting to you , either way the flow will grab you.