Braddy (@Braddy478) – ATTENTION (Prod. By @KarltinBankz)


EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it, “Attention” is Hot and NO ONE can doubt it. Attention! Attention! The new singe from Macon Georgia recording artist Braddy is exactly what the Hip Hop industry needs. “Not your typical twerk or bubblegum rap” states @HipHopEncounter. Attention features production credits from Dem White Boyz also known as Karltin Bankz (Doe B, Hustle Gang) hailing from Alabama.

If you’re sensitive or “in your feelings” then you may feel some type of way about the record say’s Braddy in a recent interview. “Yes I think that a record like this is much need in the industry considering what’s going on with the music scene. I’m mainly talking about the “Flexin” everybody doing, or the constant need to be seen. I’m from a city where flexin can you hurt. I get it, I get it. Ok sometimes it’s alright to turn up a bit, to show off a lil. But me personally I keep it to a minimum. Usually when or if I do go out to the club I’m usually cooling in the back or on the pool table. I be seeing these guys doing their lil “dance” and I just shake my head. ”

When asked if anyone had anything to say about the record Braddy replied. “Negatively? No. not at all. I don’t have those types of problems.” “Most of my fans said I should’ve went even harder on these attention wh***s. People love it, and I love the support and feedback I’ve been getting from the record. ” If you real, you rocking with the record, but if you one of the “Attention Seekers” then this one may not be for you.

The single is one of the many blazing records that Braddy has set to be released from his 2014 project Episode 2 “Untitled”. Braddy stated “As a contest, I’m allowing my fans to title it. My styles go from hood, to gutta, to romantic to traditional Hip Hop and to “box” myself in with a title would only brand me as a certain type, and I am all of those types and more.”

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