Ronnie Fox (@officialrfox1) – Middle Fingers


New York based songwriter, producer and do-it-yourself indie artist Ronnie Fox says, “It’s cool to be cool again,” as he prepares the final mixes for his upcoming album entitled, Rebirth of the Cool.

Although the album isn’t due out until later in 2014, he’s giving his fans a sneak-peak at two of the debut’s singles, “Middle Fingers” and “Write This Down.”

Both singles showcase Fox’s unique and uncanny collision of house, pop, dance, hip hop and world music. The upcoming album will reflect Ronnie’s life as a Renaissance man, and an artist with a keen interest in spreading a positive vibe to a wider audience. However, Fox retains the artistic ability to deliver an emotional message within his music.

Ronnie explains, “My creative goal on Rebirth of the Cool is to wrap classic hip-hop rhyme schemes together with the current pop/radio culture of the genre.” While accomplishing this goal, Fox is also able to maintain a lyrical craft that offers an emotive energy that is at times fun and party-like, and at other times deep and introspective.

Rebirth of the Cool is slated to have ten tracks when released, with storylines ranging from the hardships of a dying soldier, to a conversation between a terminally ill mother and her son. “In the end, Rebirth of the Cool will take what used to be cool about hip-hop and make it cool again,” offers Fox.

For now, fans are getting a sneak peek of the album with the release of “Middle Fingers” which went to radio February 11th, 2014. The single is an addictive, melodic and fun fusion of house and hip-hop with a fast flow. While “Middle Fingers” is getting the party started, the follow-up single, “Write This Down” is due out in May, 2014. Both songs are setting the stage for Fox. After all, the fox has always known to be smart, resourceful and cunning. Through his music, this Fox has found a way for communications across generations … that’s one sly Fox.

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