Emalek RefiCUL (@ssbisme) – “U Turn”

Emmanuel Obidah, twenty eight years of age, is a Nigerian born Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop, pop, Dance, Afro/Naija Hip Hop, and Psy Phy artist. Obidah goes by the stage name “Emalek RefiCUL.” He migrated to United States December 2006 to further his education. He graduated from California State University East Bay with a BA in Economics. While in college, he kept following his dream of becoming one of the greats in music even though he grew in an environment that does not favor his music ambition especially in hip hop. He attended musicianship and voice classes. He got his momentum while he was attending the military school in Northern Nigeria, the only one in West Africa. He also unfolded his interest for Hip Hop in junior secondary/junior high school. This was in the time when artist like DMX, Nas, Mase, Sisqo and more were surfacing in the Hip Hop world. He is a huge fan of DMX. Nigerian/African music has also been a big influence on him. In that category, he is influenced by the likes of P-square, Fela, Onyeka Nwenu, and more.

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/ssbisme