Rio Mutasim (@riomutasim) – N. Chasers feat. Supa Bwe & Me

Rio Mutasim is a true example of practice makes perfect. He’s not even 25 yet and already has a lot to say that will inspire people and motivate every rapper in his lane. He’s making greatness right here in his hometown, Chicago, Illinois.

We all have vices that controls us in our most vulnerable moments in life. Rio Mutasim shares his point of view on how he fights off his demons. His emotions capture a precise visual aid on how we all fall for our debauchery. With a little help from Supa Bwe and Mel ME! (mel) ( on the vocals) , this song is a requiem for the good; when reality used to be innocent and pleasant. This is his first single off of his upcoming project, “The Richest Man In Babylon”

Twitter: @riomutasim