Fatelive (@FATELIVE) – Got the Time

New artist Fatelive threatens major labels for bad contract offers and drops single with indie label.


Got the time – ” #DeucenoTruce EP” Prod. by @Superstaarbeats
All the way from a small neighborhood in Uptown Manhattan to LA, ATL, Miami and back. This new artist Fatelive seems like he is for the charts with this new release from his anticipated project #Deucenotruce. This upbeat and bouncy sound is said to be released by independent Label #Tripblockthelabel mid 4th quarter of 2017. #Fatelive has a decent range of flows in his sound from Hip-Hop to R&B. Very melodic and lyrical. This is definitely an artist to follow and keep up with as he continues touring The United states. Wonder what city he will hit next?

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