Vion (@BigBangCEO) – The High Way

Vion is an artist, music producer, and DJ from Norfolk, VA. Vion is also known as VbeatZ, V From The V and DJ V. Vion is on a mission to let the world know his story. Vion is releasing a new single called The High Way. The High Way has a double meaning as Vion talks about driving down the high way with his friends looking for a good time and using marijuana to help cope with the trials and tribulations Vion has been through over the years. Coming from a struggling family, being deployed in Iraq while in the army, loosing best friends to murder, struggling with health issues and loosing his mother to cancer, Vion often used marijuana to help cope with these issues. Vion feels he has just woken from the dead as he has become more active with his work. He is currently working on new music that he plans to release for himself and other artist on his label called Big Bang Productions. Stay tuned for future releases and performances.