Haze Brown (@RealHazebrown) Is…Hip Hop Reincarnated


New Jersey has created some very unique musical talent for many years. From The Fugees and Redman to Bruce Springsteen and even Bon Jovi, New Jersey has nurtured and grown some raw musical talent. Now there is one more name you can add to that list: Haze Brown.

Haze Brown is releasing his new EP “Hip Hop+Real Skills Volume 2”, the second volume of his Hip Hop+Real Skills series started in 2012. This featured producer is iLL Cosby with his unique production value matched with Haze Brown’s nostalgic yet refreshing verses to make an incredible project that makes you feel homesick for classic Hip Hop, yet infused with a new school twist that makes it stand out from the rest. The first single from the EP is titled “For My DJ’s” featuring B. Done & A $harp on the turntables. This installment is available now on www.OfficialHazeBrown.com. You can catch up on Hip Hop+Real Skills by downloading the first installment on Soundcloud.com/hazebrown and hear more songs from Haze Brown.

CONTACT INFO: HazeBrown3@gmail.com
TWITTER: @RealHazebrown

EP LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/d8do04scg83jw/