The Burbstars (@TheBurbstars) – Beach Day


The Burbstars, comprised of members Cakes and Goose is a Hip Hop duo from Ventura County, California. The two MCs have been making music together for over 10 years and met each other in High School during basketball summer league. The Burbstars’ brand new single is a summer hit entitled “Beach Day.” Cakes produces the beats and Goose produces the visuals, providing a perfect balance. The Burbstars is a subgroup of the Suburban Hip Hop group Raw Flo whom made such songs as: ‘Swerve In The Burbs’ and ‘Ay Girl.’ Inspired by the greatness of 90’s Hip Hop, The Burbstars combine lyrical content with unique production in order to deliver a quality sound. They combine their classical Hip Hop mentality with Suburban surroundings to bring you a duo with a different direction than any artist before them.

Twitter: @TheBurbstars