Hookz (@Hookzmusic1) – I Don’t Need A Crown feat. Eli


John Michael Morris “Hookz”, also known as John Barkim Cooper, was born on July 7th 1985, in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y. John spent half of his life in A.C.S, where he was assigned to foster homes. He was placed in a group home for behavioral issues, where James Allen Morris found him and adopted him by the age of 14. He lived with two brothers, which later became 15 siblings and climbing. He then acquired his interest and love for music and other hobbies such as basketball. Coached by his brother, Herman, he became overly competitive and ambitious. He was determined to stop at nothing, while accomplishing everything life has to offer.

Musically gifted, he is now 28 years old and reviving hip hop one song at a time. His stage presence is a reflection of the colorful life he has lived.

He’s always said, “To inspire you is my only intention, so sit back and enjoy the soul”.