John Blake (@johnblakenation) Feat. Elisa Polanco – Your Light (Let It Shine)


John Blake has released his latest project “Your Light (Let it Shine)”, now available for pre-order on iTunes. “Your Light (Let it Shine)” is an upbeat track with a motivating theme that encourages listeners not to give up but to find their reason to prevail in the face of adversity. Blake truly delivers a message that many people in today’s world desperately need to hear.

John Blake performs a spirited set of hip hop bars over an upbeat track with the help of featured artist Elisa Polanco who lends her soul-filled vocals on the hook. Blake graces fans with impressive lyrical proficiency and socially conscious content. The song is an optimistic and refreshing perspective on life and self-actualization. Blake and Polanco put together an excellent collaboration that is already receiving outstanding reviews from fans around the musicsphere.

John Blake’s delivery is reminiscent of Tupac, but with a little bit less influx on the last syllables. If you close your eyes and just listen to this song, you will definitely feel good, as it is meant to point you towards something better than to wallow in your misery, sadness, or troubles. Finding a light, even if you’re not religious can be so grand, and here is a positivity that hip hop is sorely missing.