John Law (@jumpman707) – “I Need That Girl”

Darryl Hines who goes by the alias “DJ” or “John Law” has equipped an anthem for people (men for specificity) that need the girl with some certain attributes. DJ, born February 2, 1989 hails from Fairfield, CA. Home of Sage the Gemini and has bay area influence as well as southern roots. He is releasing this song in 2014.

DJ has been rapping, producing and grinding since high school and is expecting a big return. He has an album in the app stores titled “Timeline” by John Law; his alter alias. The song “I Need That Girl” produced by JWellz is a smasha. Big beat with catchy phrases and hook. Some of his similarities and influences are Drake and Kanye West. He has more on the way. So, keep on the lookout.

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