Straight Kill Films Accepts Music (Stream Heaven Sent by @Zawles) @Straightkillinc #StraightKillMusic

Director/Actor/Producer/ Writer Matthew Bennett and Matt Wells are making a movie called ‘Straight Kill’ The movie is about Street Dice and is based in Jamestown Toronto. In their interviews regarding the film they say its a film about the underdog, done for the underdog, done by the underdog.
The goal of the way the film is being casted and put together is to bring light to unrecognized talent in their city. The Actor auditions are were done open to the public and submissions done via Youtube.
Musicians of all genres were also being encouraged to submit their music via soundcloud. Welcome to the new age of film making. We already love it!
Check out the submission made by HipHop Artist ‘Zawles’ entitled ‘Heaven Sent’ and go buy it on i-Tunes. Best of luck to everyone who submitted their work!