More Drama For The XOXO Songwriter @thisisjavon and Mr Mix and Master Go At It For IT WAS YOUR LOVE



Miami, Florida—Singer and songwriter Ahmad Javon Lane, (performing by JAVON) who recently sued Grammy-Award-Winner, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, for stealing a song for her recent album, finds himself in yet another dispute over a new song. Lane, who goes by the stage name, “Javon”, is embroiled in a bitter fight with audio engineer, Vincent De Leon (Vinny D), over Lane’s newest song “It Was Your Love”.

Lane’s newest allegations regarding his work with De Leon come on the heels of the announcement of his $7 million lawsuit against international pop artist, Knowles-Carter. In the suit, Lane claims that, while he was a backup singer for the star, he wrote and produced a song called “XOXO” and gave a copy of the music to another backup singer who, allegedly, gave it to Knowles-Carter. The suit goes on to suggest that Knowles-Carter stole elements of the song and released it as the first single on her album, “Beyoncé”. The album has sold more than 5 million copies to date and Lane asserts that he is owed some form of retribution for the alleged copyright infringement.

Lane’s current dispute with De Leon has not yet become a legal situation, however it appears that it is headed in that direction. De Leon was the sound engineer for Lane’s newest song, “It Was Your Love” and is currently not allowing for the release of the final version, alleges Lane.

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About Javon:
Ahmad Javon Lane, known as “Javon”, grew up performing in Broadway productions at the local theater company in his native Santa Clara, California. A born entertainer, Javon pursued his life’s dreams to become an independent artist and traveled overseas on tour and learned a great deal about international entertainment. When he returned to the States, Javon relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he became a background singer for R&B singer, Monica Brown and later, long-time background singer for Beyonce Knowles-Carter.